Our goal isn’t to create problems: it’s to solve them. A lot of law firms present themselves as “fighters.” We think of ourselves differently. Rather than trying to cause disputes, our goal is to solve them. Our mission is to provide efficient legal services that resolve issues instead of creating them.


Honesty and trustworthiness are buzz words that nearly every attorney uses to describe his or her work. Yet in spite of this, our profession still has the reputation of being dishonest and underhanded. Our goal is to help the world restore its faith in lawyers by proving that when it comes to us, honesty and trustworthiness are more than just buzz words – they’re the core of our practice.

Too Broad

We offer legal services in a number of different areas, and we have extensive experience and legal expertise in each one of these areas. We are confident that our range of capabilities is an asset to you, not a detriment, because we have the specialized knowledge necessary to make sure your legal issue gets resolved.

Too “Small-Town”

We are proud to be a part of the Zelienople community, but our location does not mean that we do not have what it takes to represent you in legal matters beyond our town. Our attorneys have the experience and the knowledge to represent you at the county level, in other neighboring counties, at the state level, and even at the federal level, if necessary.

Too Important for You

We are proud to represent you no matter the size or scope of your legal matter. We believe in being a part of the community, and that means we are dedicated to helping meet your legal needs regardless of how busy we may seem, or how small your issue may feel. We are in this line of work because we like to help give peace of mind and legal resolutions to people just like you.